Welcome to Bedrock Gardens
Perkins, OK

Meet the Kern Family

Welcome to Bedrock Gardens, home of the Kern Family. 
We are husband and wife with a chunk of land and an empty nest. We aren't the idle type, so when the kids moved out, we moved to Oklahoma and started digging! The next thing we knew, we had a full-blown farm.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to do our best to improve the quality of life, land and water we have on our planet earth. 


  • Improve the growing conditions for future farmers.
  • Improve the quality of food in our home and our community.
  • Improve how we work with nature and not against it. 

Bedrock Gardens strives to preserve the planet and environment by working towards being the most ecologically sound, promoting healthy biodiversity and having sensible management of natural resources.  Our farm is herbicide and pesticide free.

What We Grow:


A microgreen is a plant harvested just when the first leaves have           developed. Microgreens are good for garnishing stews, sandwiches, soups, salads, and plates. They can be used as a main vegetable as well in certain recipes for intense flavor and added nutrition and are sometimes referred to as vegetable confetti.

Herbs, Vegetables, Fruit and Edible Flowers

Preparing for the spring gardening includes sowing many seeds into containers and biodegradable bags indoors. 

Starter Plants

Plants are available to purchase at our nearest farmers market located in Stillwater, OK. 


Shari Kern
Opi and Brandy
Clark Kern

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