Farmers Markets

The vegetables, herbs and fruit grown on the farm are available at the Stillwater, OK Farmers market year round and the farmers market hosted by the COOP in Perkins, OK from July-August. The dates of the market are TBD. Please keep in mind the items available at the market will vary depending on the season. 


Fresh Eggs are available for purchase on the farm.

Starter plants

Plants are available to purchase at our nearest farmers market located in Stillwater, OK. 

Purchase options delivered to your door: 

  • 10X20 uncut jute mat - $20 (a mat is approximately 4 cartons)
  • Cut mat/sealed - $22.50 each
  • Cartons - $7 each

Bedrock Gardens is located approximately 2 miles south of Perkins, Ok. The farm is herbicide and pesticide free. Our microgreens are grown indoors hydroponically on 10X20 Jute grow mats. The jute grow mats are made of 100% all-natural woven jute fibers with no binders or fillers and 100% compostable. The trays used for the grow mats are deemed food safe by FDA. 


PHONE #: 217-553-9522


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